Chemical Admixture Measurement   

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Chemical Admixture Measurement  

Admix Batching Equipment Overview

overview brochure:
Admixture Measurement Systems


NEW: Training Course: ManuFlo Admixture and Water Batching Equipment

    • Basic Introductory Course
    • Advanced Training Course - setup and service of ManuFlo equipment


NEW: MES high chemical resistant magnet option

MES 20mm flowmeters can now be optionally ordered with a new type of ceramic magnet (with a black Nylon glass-filled drive shaft) in the measuring chamber for higher resistance to chemicals. This will improve the standard chamber’s resistance to aggressive liquids.

The flowmeter order code with the new magnet option is MES20-CSM.
For the flowmeter body to also be Teflon-lined to handle corrosive liquids, add suffix '-T' to the order code.

A replacement standard measureing chamber, but with the new magnet, is 20-5-CSM.

The order code for the magnet itself is 20-CSM and it can be ordered as a spare together with the 20-DST black Nylon glass-filled Drive Shaft.

Profile of Involvement                                                                                            

Manu Electronics is a major manufacturer & supplier of flowmetering equipment used for the measurement and dispensing of construction chemical admixtures in the South East Asian / Australia & Pacific regions. Other markets include South America, the Middle-East and northern Europe. The major chemical admixture producers use our equipment in some form in various country locations worldwide.

Our equipment has been used in admix  production plants, admix distribution networks (mobile tankers), final dispensing of admixtures at pre-mix concrete production plants, and onsite at construction projects worldwide since 1965.

To date, measuring day after day worldwide, there are over 40,000 of our Admixture Flowmeters, 15,000 batch controllers and 3,000 various interface cards used in Computer/PLC controlled Batch Plants. On admix delivery tankers and admix production plants, over 300 of our Magmaster Electromagnetic flowmeters are in use.  On continuous dosing and shotcrete applications, over 1000 of our Flowrate/total indicators are used. And many more and varied applications use our products - thousands of Premix Concrete Plants, Block Plants, Tile Plants, Quarries, and Production plants have Manu Electronics equipment installed for their liquid measurement requirements.


1 Premix Concrete Plants


Resetable counter flowmeters, Internal powered resetable LCD total.
Electromagnetic flowmeter and reset counter   

ME995 series panel mount preset batch controller OVERVIEW




Model types:

ME995-1A, ME995-1,
ME995-2, ME995-2C,
ME995-3, ME995-3K ,
ME995-7, ME995-7D, ME995-7G,


HB Housing boxes and IP65 enclosure to suit ME 995
ME995 Ordering Codes
ME995 Admix Troubleshooting and Service Guide
ME995 Installation guide (with MES flowmeters)
ME995 Wiring guide
MES20-S 20mm Special Hi-Chemical resistant admix flowmeters
MES20-S and
MESparts - Full compliment of spare parts for sizes 20 to 50 mm             


IMPORTANT: PLC/Computers that accept AC input pulses have a pulse input frequency limit of 15 Hz (see more below),
so the pulse output rates of the ME2000/ME2008 or UIC must be set accordingly.

IMPORTANT: PLC/Computers that accept AC input pulses have a pulse input frequency limit of 15 Hz.

For the ME2000/ME2008 to protect the system andprevent overdose, set values in the ME2000/ME2008:
* MAX OUT RATE to 15Hz or less; and
* OUTPUT (LITRES/PULSE) to a value so that, at your maximum operating flowrate,
pulses to the PLC/Computer will not exceed 15Hz

e.g. if your maximum operating flowrate is 40 Litres/minute,
and you set OUTPUT (LITRES/PULSE) = 0.050 (i.e. 50 mls/pulse), the ME2000/ME2008 will output
13.4 pulses/second to the PLC/Computer when flow is 40 Litres/minute.

2 Continuous dosing applications e.g. shotcrete, mixing etc


SCS-MM15 System

• Ideal for shotcrete applications.

24 VDC powered.
   For 12 VDC powered systems, use our CV12 external module
   (12 VDC input to 24 VDC output power step-up converter. 2 Amp).

• To 1600 kPa (16 bar) .

• Comprises:

  • 15mm MM15 electromagnetic flowmeter with BSP (female) couplings;
  • FRT303-D-E-BL-VR Flowrate/Totaliser Indicator with backlit LCD display; and
  • Stainless Steel outer enclosure, with 3 outlets (1 outlet gland is for optional outputs)

all wired with 5-metre cable to flowmeter and 1-metre power cord.



The MM15 flowmeter:

• has an obstructionless bore - nothing to block.
• Stainless Steel body, PEEK liner, Stainless Steel 316 electrodes. IP67.
• Flowrange @ ±2% accuracy: 0.1 – 25 Litres/minute.

• measures liquids with conductivity > 20µS/cm, to 70 °C.
• accuracy is unaffected by varying viscosity or specific gravity of liquids.


3 In the Admixture Production Plant (Mixing, drum filling, transfers)


For batching
blending in production




For the tank farm
and admix truck
loading point.

for filling
Locations include
Dubai, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand, Laos, Burma, China, Mongolia, HK, Australia, NZ and Chile

4 Admixture delivery tankers       
A. TMP - Admix Truck Mounted Batching Printer System


•Batch Controller and Printer for automatic ticketing.

•Ideal for admixture delivery trucks or loading and discharge locations where custody transfer docket is required.

•Prints Batch ID, quantity, time and date.

•Paper easily changed.

•Rugged IP64 hinged enclosure, with key lock.

•contains wired and mounted ME3000-SC Batch Controller and APM-n93XS printer.


B. PMS  Electromagnetic Flowmeters      
  • Electromagnetic flowmeter, for chemically aggressive and mining slurry applications.

  • Virtually maintenance free. No moving parts.

  • Fully wired and programmed.
    Programmable via touch screen or infra-red port, no plug needed.

  • Totaliser and Flowrate display. Totaliser resettable via optional pushbutton.

  • Display can be Remote (all sizes, 2-metres cable to flowsensor), or
    Integral (most sizes).

  • Durable cast alloy display box. Pulse and 4-20mA outputs. HART protocol.

  • Accuracy: ±0.2%

  • IP68 flow sensor (when potted). Empty pipe detection.

  • Measured liquid must have conductivity  of at least 5 μS/cm.

  • 90 – 250vac powered. Optional 17-30 VDC.

  • Supplied pre-fitted with Stainless Steel grounding ring.


C. RMS  Electromagnetic Flowmeters    
  • Suitable for measurement of any conductive liquid to 0.5% accuracy.

  • Unsurpassed performance and reliability - no moving parts,
    no filters required, no headlosses, no ongoing maintenance. 

  • Sizes available  from 25 to 150mm, with 15-50 VDC powered units for use with truck battery power supply, or 90-250vac powered units for use onsite power supply connections. 

  • Measure and display totals for  bi-directional flows, making them ideal for recording totals when loading  tankers, when delivering chemical and emptying tankers when returning  to base. 

  • Pulse outputs are standard for use with preset batch control or docket printer units.  



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