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  • Counter, Event and State USB Data Logger.
  • 1 event count input (not scaleable).
  • Volt-free normally open contacts, or input voltages up to 24 VDC.
  • Stores up to 1,000,000 timed intervals in event counter mode (up to 65,536 events/interval).
  • Supplied with replaceable internal Lithium battery, Windows control software and measurement leads.
  • Suitable for low pulse resolution flowmeters e.g. 1 pulse per 1 Litre, or 1 pulse per 100 Litres.


DataCell Rtx

  • Advanced Data Logger, for industrial use.
  • IP68 waterproof enclosure.
  • Powered by long-life Lithium batteries (10 year life at 1 call/day)
  • Stores 2 million records. 4 programmable inputs. Counts up to 100 pulses per second.
  • Delivers information locally and via GSM and GPRS. SMS and e-mail data collection
  • 2 way communications - enabling you to manage from your desktop.
  • Continuous internal clock management.



  • Accessory kit to activate/reprogram logger : infra-red cable, swipe magnet and spanner.
  • Have at least 1 accessory kit (don’t need 1 kit per logger).


  • Wireless pulse transmitter/receiver system (ideal for slumpstands)
  • 1-channel.
  • Compact design. Includes antennas.
  • 150 metre maximum transmission distance.
  • 5 Hz maximum pulse.
  • Transmitter: 12-24 VDC powered
  • Receiver:       7-28 VDC powered
  • -LR: Wireless pulse transmitter - long range option: 5 km line of sight.
  • Also available:
    * 1-channel transmitter
    * receivers: 4-channel or 8-channel
    * housing, antenna and power supply options


  • Ultrasonic Tank Level Monitoring System
  • CV6000 CellVisor unit monitors up to 10 storage tanks.
  • Sends (using your SIM card) tank level information to UTLMS software on your server.
  • UTLMS software displays tank level information graphically, and
    generates reports to assist with preparing Admix delivery schedules.
  • 100-240vac powered. 1.8 A. Output: 24 VDC, 2.5 A.
  • Housed in IP66 ABS enclosure with Stainless Steel lock hinges.

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