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NEW: MES high chemical resistant magnet option

MES standard chamber flowmeters can now be ordered with a new optional ceramic magnet (with a black Nylon glass filled drive shaft) fitted on the measuring chamber which allows higher resistance to chemicals that may affect the standard magnet. This will improve the standard chamber’s resistance to aggressive liquids.

The flowmeter order code with the new veramic magnet option is MES20-CSM.
A replacement standard chamber, but with the new ceramic magnet, is 20-5-CSM.
Standard chambers can also be returned for upgrade to the ceramic magnet option.


  • CAP-MAG Capacitive electromagnetic flowmeter, 
    for measurement of most liquids from 0.05m/s conductivity.
  • Integral display shows flowrate and resettable Total.
  • Pulse / mA outputs
  • WAFER sensor
  • 11-30 VDC or 240vac powered.
Truly maintenance free as no electrodes to be coated

(Read story
ManuFlo MFS15-D flowmeters, and MES20 flowmeters with FRT indicators, are being used by Jacon Technologies Pty Ltd for measurement of admixture in shotcrete applications. Jacon are a manufacturer of robotic shotcrete units, transit mixers and concrete pumps. 

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June 2013


Issue 09 Jul 2012 Items: 
Issue 08 Aug 2011 Items: 
Issue 07 Sep 2008 Items: 
Issue 06 May 2007 Products: 

Issue 05   Dec 2005  New Products: 
  • ME3000 Batch Controller 
  • TMP Batching Printer System
  • AQM Aquamaster Electromagnetic Flowmeter
  • MFS15-D Electromagnetic flowmeter dampening
  • ME2008 8-channel Batch Safety Interface
Issue 04 Oct 2003 New Products: 
  • FRT303 Flowrate/Totaliser 
  • RMS Electromagnetic Flowmeter
  • ME5-T and ME5-F Indicators
  • ME8000 Remote Tank Level Monitoring System
    (now see ME8010)


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