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Jacon Technologies Pty Ltd is a wholly Australian-owned company marketing its range of products both in Australia and overseas. Since 1978, the company has been known within the building industry as a designer, manufacturer and supplier of purpose-built, cost effective, low maintenance, above-ground concrete line and boom pumps.


Jacon Maxijet mid-sized Shotcrete rig.


Today, Jacon manufactures and supplies more than 70% of Australia’s above-ground concrete pump and placement boom requirements, as well as over 90% of all below-ground shotcreting rigs. Internationally, the company’s markets include South Africa, North and South America, China. Jacon has been a long-time user of ManuFlo products. 

ManuFlo FRT Totaliser Indicator in use. ManuFlo PMS Electromagnetic Flowmeter MES20 flowmeter, used with the Totaliser.

Jacon has now purchased ManuFlo's new FRT303 Flowrate Totaliser LCD Indicators and PMS electromagnetic flowmeters for use in its shotcrete machines, to continuously monitor and control dosage of admixture chemicals.

The FRT303 Flowrate Totaliser LCD Indicator is ideal for many flowrate/totaliser applications.


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