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CT5-S (a TD8 meter with pulse output)

•  20mm flowmeter.

•  shows total M3 (non-resetable).

•  72.5 pulses/Litre Reed Switch pulse o/p.

•  Flowrange @ ±2% accuracy:

   0.5 - 80 Litres/min.

•  Rotary piston measurement principle.

•  available with dual check valve.

•  Gasket Seat ¾” BSP (male) couplings

   or  Ball Seat ¾” BSP (female) couplings.



ManuFlo high output

pulse flowmeters

are ideal for use in precision

water measurement applications

residential water usage  studies,

data logging

and flowrate calculation.


Issue 6


At the Gold Coast, 150 Flowmeters and Dataloggers are being installed in Pimpama and Coomera households. The area was chosen because Pimpama Coomera is the growth area and the Pimpama Coomera Master Plan  incorporates class A+ recycled water for toilet flushing and outdoor use, and a rainwater tank for laundry and drinking water.

Class A+ recycled water is wastewater that has been highly treated through two different treatment plants and   multiple process steps to meet stringent environmental and health guidelines, resulting in the highest quality class of recycled water as defined by the Queensland Water Recycling Guidelines.

The Flowmeters and Loggers will be situated in the standard meter box, and data collection will be ongoing over the 4-year trial.

Data is being monitored weekly at the moment, but this will change to monthly. There will be reports every six months. The first six months will give an initial overview, but the program has been set for four years to allow     definitive results.

Gold Coast Water - water study (continued from page 1)

See more information on Water Flowmeters at

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Nutrient Dispensing System

NORPRIM is a Queensland company with leading technology in dispensing nutrients into water lines for livestock, viticulture, horticulture and other applications.

According to a Northern Territory trial for livestock, a $1 investment in a water  medicator provides a $9 return, with higher pregnancy rates, weight gains and fat scores.

ManuFlo manufacture the dosing controller for NORPRIM’s Nutrient Dispensing System, which is available exclusively from NORPRIM:

Phone : +61 7 4623 1141,  E-mail:,  Web:

Automatic Meter Reading (AMR)

Automatic Meter Reading, or AMR, is the technology of automatically collecting data from metering devices (e.g. flowmeters), and transferring that data to a central database for analysis and/or billing.

ManuFlo will soon offer AMR solutions via Radio Frequency (RF) technology. There will be RF modules that can be retrofitting to existing flowmeters,  and also flowmeters complete with in-built RF Communication modules, that will communicate with meter reading devices.

RF-based meter reading usually eliminates the need for the flowmeter reader to enter a property, or to locate the meter. The utility saves money by increased speed of reading, has lower liability from entering private property, and has less chance of missing reads because of inability to access meters.

AMR systems thereby help to better determine consumption over time, identify usage peaks, compare sites and (where water restrictions apply) correlate excessive consumption with offending installations.

The many flowmetering/totalising applications for this technology include water useage measurement , including  sub-metering within a building, retail or industrial facility; water conservation projects; and remote irrigation sites.