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Batch Controller
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Your Fax number: Your Phone number:
Type of Application Your requirements
Concrete Slump Stand display flowrate of liquid e.g. 5 Litres/Min.
Concrete Truck Agitator display Total e.g. 20 Litres.
Concrete Admixture Batching reset the Total.
Tradewaste display Grand Total.
Irrigation dispense a batch quantity by hand.

Hygenic e.g. food set a batch quantity via a Batch Controller.

Fuel set a batch quantity via a computer.

Other (details): send data to a computer/PLC, of type:


    Eagle    Jonel     Other (details):  
Flowmeter type preference (if any)    
Paddlewheel Positive Displacement
Turbine Electromagnetic
  Properties of the Liquid
    has solids in the liquid
  * Liquid to be Measured is corrosive
  has high viscosity
  (details): Other (details):
Flowrange of your application Batch Quantity of your application
Minimum  Litres/minute. Minimum batch:  Litres
Maximum Litres/minute. Maximum batch: Litres
  Units required Location of Display  
  Flowrate      display in e.g. L/sec Display integral on flowmeter
  Totaliser      display in e.g. Litres Display metres remote from flowmeter
  Grand Total display in e.g. KL     
  Set Batch Quantity  in e.g. Litres     
Liquid Temperature    Accuracy   Pipe Type
 < 0         C better than 1% PVC
    0 - 60  C 2 % Galvanised Iron
  61 - 100 C 5 % Other (details):
101+        C
  Pipe Size    
  20 mm (3/4")    
  25 mm (1")   Flowmeter Connection Type
  40 mm (1.5") flanges
  50 mm (2") hose barb connections
100 mm (4") threaded BSP connections
Other (details): Other (details):
Power Supply   Outputs
Battery powered pulse output of Litres/pulse
Loop powered 4-20 mA output
DC. Supply value: VDC Hi/Lo alarm indication
AC. Supply value: vac RS232
Mounting Location   Tradewaste
Indoors - washdown area Other (details):

Indoors - dry area

Outdoors - under cover
Outdoors - exposed to elements


Any other Requirements or Limitations:





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