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ManuFlo launches FRT303 Flowrate/Totaliser LCD Indicator

Now available is ManuFlo's exciting new product -- the FRT303 Flowrate Totaliser is designed to operate with a wide range of pulse/signal output or coil output flowmeters, providing an:
* instantaneous Flowrate reading, and
* a resetable Total display and Grand Total.

The FRT303 is applicable for many applications including irrigation, plant processes, and continuous dosing applications for shotcreting, pugmills etc.

To toggle the FRT303's LCD display between the Total and the Grand Total, simply touch the front panel button once. To reset the Total, touch the front panel button twice.

Power is via either: an internal Lithium battery which has a life of up to 10 years; external 5-25 VDC supply; or loop    powered.

The FRT303 has fully
programmable optional features including pulse output, 4-20mA output, and Hi-Low flow setpoint outputs (for proportional valve control or setpoint alarms). All functions are entered via internal keypads and a menu display.

The LCD can be programmed to show flowrate and totals in a number of different units. A hinged lid protects the LCD from ultraviolet light.

All application parameters will be pre-programmed according to your requirements, including display unit preferences and the flowmeter K-factor.

The FRT303 will accept flowmeter input pulses from 0.2Hz to 2kHz.

The FRT303 is housed in a compact IP65 Polycarbonate enclosure with molded mounts, allowing it to be used in a wide range of applications.

Special points of interest:

New products--
*  Indicators,
     Remote Monitoring.

* Updated web pages!

The FRT303
displays Flowrate, Resetable Total, and Grand Total.

Inside this issue:
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New products from ManuFlo's extensive R&D

ManuFlo strives for continuous product improvement. Extensive R & D efforts at ManuFlo in 2003  have produced a string of new products that are now available or coming soon.

This newsletter describes the now available FRT303 Indicator, the range of RMS Electromagnetic Flowmeters

the ME5-T Totaliser Indicator, the ME5-F Flowrate Indicator, and the ME8000 Remote Tank Level Monitoring System which communicates using SMS messages via GSM/CDMA mobile networks.

Coming soon is the ME3000, which is the next generation of ManuFlo Batch Controller, with

front panel touch button entry of settings and controls for simple setup.

Front panel indicators will   include LED indications and a 2 line 16 character LCD with backlighting. The display shows both the target batch quantity and the quantity dispensed so far for the batch.


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