RMS Electromagnetic Flowmeters--Excellent Performance!

The RMS Electromagnetic Flowmeters, with no moving parts and an obstruction-less bore, offer the highest level of performance, unaffected by specific gravity or viscosity variations, or the most contaminated of fluids, whilst maintaining a high degree of accuracy for liquid flow Measurement.

Application examples include use in
tradewaste, water-based admixtures, recycle /slurry water batching in readymixed concrete plants, bulk chemical delivery tanker loading and transfers, and pharmaceutical and metalurgical applications.

Almost any liquid can be measured (which has a conductivity of at least 5 microsiemens) to an accuracy of  0.5% of reading, and over a very wide flow range.

The RMS range of Electromagnetic Flowmeters is available in standard sizes from 4mm to 150mm diameter, with a standard integral wafer mount cast iron sensing tube lined in standard ETFE Tefzel, with stainless steel electrodes.

The IP66-rated transmitter housing is integrally head mounted to the sensor tube (standard), or remotely connected by a low voltage cable.

Power is 90-250 VA (standard), or optional 15-50 VDC. Units are fully programmed and wet tested.

Standard features are  pulse output, 4-20mA output, empty pipe indication and Hart Communication.

Optionally, a M4 (LOI) Flowrate Totaliser display module can be fitted for visual process indication, and to allow reprogramming. Other options include different liner / electrode materials and remote mounted transmitters. 

The units can also optionally be fitted with mounting pipe


flanges and earthing rings, and be electrically wired. This fitout allows for even easier installation and    commissioning.


See datasheet at http://www.manuelectronics.com.au/pdfs/RMS.pdf



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ME5-T (Totaliser) and ME5-F (Flowrate) Indicators

The ME5 5 digit LCD indicator is designed to operate with a wide range of pulse/signal output or coil output flowmeters.

  • ME5-F provides an instantaneous Flowrate reading.
  • ME5-T provides a resetable Total display.

The ME5 is supplied with the LCD display programmed in

one of a number of different indicated values. In the ME5-T, the Totaliser total is reset by simply pushing the lid button once.

Power is via either an internal Lithium battery with a life of up to 10 years, or via external 5-25 VDC supply or 240 vac supply. The ME5 will accept flowmeter input pulses from 0.2 to 2,000 Hz, and is housed

in a compact IP65 Polycarbonate enclosure with moulded mounts, which allows the ME5 to be used in a wide range of field applications.

All application parameters will be pre-programmed according to your requirements, including display unit preferences and the flowmeter K-factor. Scaling can be recalibrated if necessary, using internal key pads.

ME5-T Totaliser Indicator
with resetable Total

See ME5-T Totaliser Indicator datasheet at http://www.manuelectronics.com.au/pdfs/ME5_T_datasheet.pdf
See ME5-F Flowrate Indicator datasheet at http://www.manuelectronics.com.au/pdfs/ME5_F_datasheet.pdf


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