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ME8000 Remote Tank Level Monitoring System

The ME8000 automates the    inventory and supply of chemical stock levels across multiple sites. It time stamps every batch   quantity, and records the last 1000 operations - ideal for   traceability of batches.

Site status and tank levels can be remotely verified from an office PC location and in the field via mobile phones.

The ME8000 is easy to set up, install and control via simple SMS messages. There is minimal extra wiring needed to monitor and control a site.

The ME8000 uses SMS text   messages to send immediate 

unsolicited reports of alarms     (e.g. low tank level), direct to the     mobile phones of selected     personnel e.g. delivery driver,  dispenser technician.

A site can also be remotely    controlled by any authorised SMS-capable mobiles.

Communication is via GSM (metropolitan) or CDMA (rural) mobile networks to an office PC and/or mobile phones.

The ME8000 incorporates into existing ManuFlo (or other) Admixture systems  e.g. to ME2000, UIC/A or ME995.

ME8000 remotely verifies site status and tank levels, from an office PC or in the field via mobile phones.

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