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Issue 7


· A new sensor is now supplied for the 15-150mm sizes of the MFS

Magmaster range of electromagnetic flowmeters.

The sensor’s internal coating is non-reactive PTFE (Teflon), it’s electrodes are Hastelloy-C (highly corrosion resisitant), and it is ANSI flanged.

The sensor is lighter, and has the same dimensions as the existing sensors so will be interchangeable with existing installations.

Major construction contractors use Magmaster flowmeters for demanding jobs such as grout applications.

· For tradewaste, sewage and effluent flow measurement and management applications, the new WaterMaster electromagnetic flowmeter will shortly become available, delivering reliable and accurate measurement.



new Magmaster flowmeter sensor

TMP Batching Ticket Printer System






The TMP Batching Printer System is ideal for delivery trucks or for loading and discharge locations where a custody transfer docket is required, and is used throughout the world by clients including BASF, Fosroc, Grace and Sika.

The operator enters the required liquid batch quantity into the TMP’s Batch Controller. The Batch Controller then controls batch delivery and, at the end of each batch, the TMP automatically provides batch quantity printout with date, time and Batch ID.

The TMP is available in AC or DC version, and with single or double ticket printing. The TMP is wired to a pulse output flowmeter (e.g. ManuFlo MFS50 Magmaster), and to a pump and/or solenoid.

The TMP’s component instruments are housed and protected in a rugged metal box, with a hinged key-lock lid. Since the enclosure is sealed to IP64, the unit can be mounted to the exterior chassis of delivery trucks. The Batch Controller and printer are pre-wired, making it simple to connect power supply and flowmeter pulses to the unit.


ManuFlo - a crowning achievement in flowmetering.

(Katie Richardson - Miss World Australia 2008,

and Alex Manu)

Katie works hard for charities and fundraising, and in particular for the Randwick Ronald McDonald House.

Katie will be representing Australia at the Miss World finals in Johannesburg South Africa, which will be held on Sat 13 December 2008 and will be broadcast to a global TV audience expected to be over 2 billion people (that’s over a third of the world’s population, watching the world’s largest annual TV event).

We wish Katie every success!

1. Text Box: Saturday 13th December 2008

ManuFlo sponsors Miss World Australia (continued from page 1)